Thursday, March 8, 2012

Tool #4

Email just sent:
As part of my Tool 4, an internet based "cloud" SBISD has been created 
for us.  We can all trade information on this team stored on the 
internet/ "cloud".  If Ann  or Sandy creates a list of day habitations 
organizations in Houston, they create one document and it is stored in 
the "clouds" (or internet).  The rest of us, access that doc to review 
update, create a template, create a brochure and quiz, (and on and on) 
from it.   Rather than, say Ann, using  the old way of creating a 
"word document", then sending it out to each of us (thus there are 5 
copies of the same doc)....we now have only one google doc on the 
internet (cloud), to work off of in the above ways. 
Once we practice this X times, my belief is that it will make what do,
even more head and shoulders above anywhere else.  Just my opinion,

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