Thursday, March 8, 2012

Tool #11

I liked Skype in Schools, as it sounds promising.
Again I am not in a classroom, but this upspeeds my game in all ways, testing, training, communicating, connecting.
I can not believe the plethora of countless apps, seems as many ideas as the human mind is capable of coming up with.

Thank you

Tool #10

I would convey that :
We are responsible for what we convey.
Tools are for our strength (to make us stronger), not only for our safety.
Proof read all your work.
I do not have classroom.
I would 'teach' digital citizenship to parents probably in one on one meetings.

Tool #9

Connecting technology to objectives makes the materials relative to today's student.
The lesson will stick with the student through holding them accountable.
SBISD Interactive Database
Digital Dragon
Google Earth
These are programs to use to practice towards proficiency.

Tool #8

I do not have a classroom.

I will be using this tool eventually on IPADs with my students working in my office.

Tool #7

Framing Skype
Transition Discussion
April 1
Skype in Schools
By talking to other transition professionals around, we can discuss topics/ issues.

Tool #6

This one is a lot of fun! Voice communication...moving up some!

Tool #5
Giving this a go.  Kind of like playing the ivories for the first time.
Numerous uses for lower level students where pictures help get across the point.